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Throughout our history, Illini has been involved in
over a thousand building projects in the Midwestern
United States. Some of our most recent projects are
listed below for information and reference.
{click on image to enlarge}
Hanover Twp. Center 01 Hanover Twp. Center 03
Hanover Twp. Center 02
Holiday Inn 02
Holiday Inn 04
Holiday Inn 01
Holiday Inn 03
Edwards Hospital 03
Edwards Hospital 01
Edwards Hospital 02
Edwards Hospital 04
Dinolfo's 01
Dinolfo's 03 Dinolfo's 04
Dinolfo's 02
{click on image to enlarge}
St. Agnes of Bohemia School 03
St. Agnes of Bohemia School 02
St. Agnes of Bohemia School 01
Clutch Operated Window Shade - Draper TechMatic System.
Teknion 02
Teknion 04
Teknion 03
Teknion - Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL. >>>
Teknion 01
Prestige Side-Sliding Grille - Dynamic Closures.
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