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Illini Architectural Products Company is
proud to be an authorized installing
distributor for the following suppliers and
manufacturers of quality products:
An innovative leader in the industry,
represented in 54 countries and suppliers
of folding doors, acoustical folding
partitions, operable walls, relocatable
walls, and acoustical panels. Each of
Panelfold's space division products may
be ordered in a variety of sizes, finishes,
and colors to enhance the flexibility and
beauty of your interior space. Contact
IlliniAP for assistance in choosing the
optimal solution for your facilities.
Panelfold Folding Door, Scale/6.
Panelfold Folding Partition, Scale/8.
Folding Partitions
Folding Doors
Panelfold's quality products are compatible with Modernfold and Hufcor products, at competitive prices and availability.
See more Panelfold products on our PICTURES page!
Draper Inc.:
A worldwide supplier of quality products
including; front and rear projection
screens, visual display boards and
screens, ceiling lifts and mounts, window
shades and school products. Projection
screens may be ordered in various sizes,
finishes, and formats to match your
application. Contact IlliniAP for
assistance in choosing the right screen or
window shade to match your project
requirements and budget.
Draper Projection Screen, Acess/Series V. Draper Flex Shade, Motorized.
Motorized Flex Shades
Ceiling Projection Screens
Dynamic Closures:
An international supplier of security
grilles and closures including; rolling
grilles and closures, rolling doors and
shutters, cabinet shutters, and sliding
doors. Security grilles and closures may
be ordered in various sizes, designs, and
finishes to match your preferences and
project requirements. Contact IlliniAP
for assistance in specifying the best
solution for your facilities.
Dynamic Folding Grille, Futura.
Dynamic Window Garde.
Folding Grilles
Window Guards
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