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Illini Architectural Products Company has installed and serviced
many space division products in churches and schools to improve
the flexibility of space in those facilities. Many religious/school
facilities have part of their building dedicated to religious and social
functions on the weekends and to student educational and extra-
curricular activities during the week. These varied functions
reguire large and flexible space which can be converted from an
open to closed format quickly and easily. IlliniAP can assist in
designing a flexible, quiet, and secure space to suit the needs of your
facilities and we will professionally install the product at your site.
Panelfold Scale/8 Folding Partition.
We install, service, and repair:

Operable Walls,
Folding Doors,
Acoustical Folding Partitions,
Movable Walls,
Security Grilles, and
Panelfold Moduflex Series 400 Operable Wall.
Long lasting quality products to
improve the flexibility of your
interior space.
Panelfold PrimeSpacer 360 Relocatable Walls.
Innovative and beautiful products
to improve the way you work,
meet, and live.
Panelfold SonicWal/88 Acoustical Folding Partition.
Quality products to improve
your facilities space by
providing a quieter more
flexible working environment.
Dynamic Closures- Prestige Side-Sliding Grille.
Security grilles and closures to
improve your facilities by
providing a more secure
working environment.
For more information on the size, colors, materials, and lead times
available for your project please contact us
! To see a list of projects
installed by IlliniAP please visit our projects
page. To view technical
specifications on Panelfold products visit the manufacturers website
OR click here
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