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Frequently asked questions of IlliniAP regarding space division
product installation and service are listed below for your information.
Question: What does Illini Architectural Products Company do?

Answer: IlliniAP sells, installs, and services space division products such as folding doors, operable
walls, portable walls, security grilles and closures, and acoustical partitions. These products are used
in many facilities to enhance the use of interior space by dividing a room or any interior space to
make that space more secure or flexible in use.

Question: Do I have to come to your office to order one of these products ?

Answer: No, you do not have to come to our office to order; we come to you. Just call or e-mail
IlliniAP and we will set-up an appointment with you to review product information and specifications
for your project. As an authorized installing distributor we have access to current manufacturer's
product catalogs and the experience to help you choose the right product for your project.

Question: What do I need to consider before ordering an operable wall ?

Answer: Operable walls can be ordered in many different sizes, with various finishes and colors, and
with a sound rating to complement the environment in which it will be used. Therefore, you must
consider the size of the opening to be covered, the weight of the panels when installed, and overhead
support for the wall. Also consider how the wall will stack when open and the type and operation of
the bottom seals for the wall. We can help with each of the above considerations for your application.

Question: How do I know if I should order an operable wall or a folding door ?

Answer: You should consider the size of the opening, acoustical performance needed(STC rating)
for your application, overall cost of the job versus your budget, and the appearance and ease of use
for the installed space division product. Operable walls generally provide a quieter more professional
looking closure than a folding door at competitive pricing, with a longer lifespan.

Question: What maintenance is required on an operable wall ?

Answer: An operable wall should be inspected annually and the trolleys adjusted and track lubricated
as needed to ensure proper operation. In addition, all seals should be inspected for wear and
operating procedures should be reviewed to ensure safe operation by all personnel.
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